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Superb Cup

Technical Details


  • The superb cup is designed to provide an accurate and consistent reading of the cooling curve of molten metal for the calculation of CE, C, and Si.
  • Tellurium powder in the cup mixes completely in molten metal for complete white iron solidification to get easy solidus arrest for carbon and silicon determination.
  • Accurate Chromel-Alumel (K-type) thermocuple with ± 3°C accuracies.
  • Quartz-tube for the protection of thermocouple wire.
  • Made from high-quality resin-coated sand.
  • We provide Superb Cup in three variants as
    – Superb Cup S (Fastest  Time)
    – Superb Cup M (2-3 min)
    – Superb Cup L (3-4 min)