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Super Thermo Sensors Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that Is engaged in manufacturing and exporting the molten metal temperature Measuring products and analyzers required for the steel plants and foundries.

Super Thermo Sensors is in the design and manufacture of microcontroller-based instruments for carbon & silicon analysis & temperature measurement as well as sensors like Superb cup for carbon, silicon measurement in a ferrous foundry, and Super tip for temperature measurement for both ferrous and non-ferrous foundry.

The company has established itself in the industry offering extensive 14 years experience in Instrumentation Technology and it is well placed to serve the wide range of foundry automation required by the Foundry and Steel Industry as well as Sensors. This is achieved by way of an efficient sales force, the most up to date Research and Development Center, well-equipped manufacturing facilities.

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Our Facility

State of the art manufacturing facility: Well integrated & equipped modern infrastructure and machines, accurate testing and calibration setup. Qualified, skilled, resourceful, and dedicated workforce.

Quality Policy

We will provide quality level measurement and process with value-added services for optimizing customer satisfaction, which is vital for our growth. This will be achieved through effective quality management system.

Quality Objectives

Maintain and improve product quality. Continual improvements in products, processes & QMS. Business growth through a better understanding of customer requirements. Enhance customer satisfaction.