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Spectraview Display

This is a specially designed fully customizable shop floor display especially used for sensing spectrometer Lab Analysis results directly to the melting platform in Foundries & Steel Plants. This helps the Foundry Persons to take quick decisions about any corrections to be made in the composition of their melt & increase productivity. It is designed to work with any make of Spectrometer &perform in the most extreme harsh &Electrically Noisy Environment foundries & Steel Plants so that you don’t have to worry for the downtime of the display &concentrate on your productivity & other core activities.
It comes in 12 Element & 16 Element Models as a standard offering, but can be customized to display any number of elements of your choice. The display is Ultra Bright Red Colour LED display and optionally you can also opt Tri-Colour Model, which can display the results in Bright Green, Yellow, and Red Colour so that it is easy for you to quickly make out, which elements should be taken care of in the current melt.

Technical Details


Number of Elements: Standard Model, 4 Digit, 12 Element or 16 Element,
Ultra-Bright Red LED Display,
Advanced Model, 4 Digits,
12 Element or 16 Element, TriColour Bright LED Display.
Red Colour = Element is out of range on the higher side
Green Colour = Element is within the required range,
Yellow Colour = Element is out of range on the lower side,
Customizable to user requirements for increasing or decreasing the number of elements as per requirement.
Display Size: 1 Inch, 2.3 inch, and 4-inch Models.
Audio Alarm: Industrial Hooter, 125dB+ for Indicating new result arrival at the Melting platform.
Compatibility: Microcontroller-based Technology, which makes it compatible with any make of Spectrometer.
Multi-Display connectivity: Possible to connect multiple displays to a single Spectrometer.
Light Weight: Due to our unique design, our device is light in weight and slim compare to any other display.
Connectivity Options: The data is transmitted on the Current loop as default But it can also be transmitted on RS485 or Wireless RF 2.4GHz License free bands as well, which is optional.
Enclosure: CRCA Fabricated & Powder Coated Enclosure, which are rust & dust-free.
Power Supply: Standard requirement – 230V AC/ 50 Hz, Single phase Optional : 11 0V AC/ 60Hz, Single phase.