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Super Master II With Optional Accessories

Super Master II is a mains-operated pyrometer, which can be customized to connect multipleLarge Display Units (LDU), Hooter, & Lances. One Super Master II can be used on 2 or more furnaces simultaneously to detect the temperature of molten metal. Multiple LDU helps to display temperature to various locations for monitoring (visibility of this is up to 200-300 meter). In order to store and monitor temperature, Super Master II can be equipped with a data logger, which can store readings with date& time. This device consists of a sturdy & dust-proof enclosure for long life. Typically suitable for mini and large steel plants.

Technical Details

Large Display Unit


Display Size: 4 Inch & 6 Inch (Power LED). 
Communication: RS-485.
Enclosure: Dust Proof.
Enclosure Dimension: 17″ X 14″ X 5″.
Distance: Up to 500 meters.
Visibility: Up to 200 meters (for 4 inches).
Voltage: Up to 300 meters (for 6 inch).
Frequency: 210 to 260 V / 11 0V.
Operating Temp.: 50 I 60 Hz, ± 2%.
Range: -20 to +55 ‘C.

Data Logger


To store data with respect to date & time
Memory Storage: 400 readings.
Communication: RS-232.
Indicator: – Power LED,
– Flash LED for Incoming Data Data Download & Erase Facility Dust Proof.
Switch: Data Download & Erase Facility.
Enclosure: Dust Proof.
Enclosure Dimension:7″ X 3″ X 8″.
Voltage: 210 to 260 V / 110V.
Frequency: 50 I 60 Hz, ± 2%.
Operating Temp. Range: -20 to +55 ‘C.